All mine

by Maggie

She was up with the dawn and the first thought that entered her mind was to see him. After all, had that not been her first thought everyday since first she laid eyes on him? Shaking off the last vestiges of sleep, she hurried off, not even stopping to break her fast. Swiftly she made her way to where he lived and peeked through the window. Ah.... there he was. The man known as Kellington was just getting out of bed. She was not entirely certain why she felt this compulsion to be in his presence, she just knew that she had to, one way or the other, get closer to him.
  Her train of thought was rudely derailed as she heard them.They were the bane of his existance, and of hers as well. The competition has arrived. Fuming, she thinks of how they surround him, of how they follow him everywhere after they stop in to see if he is done breakfast. Happily, the thought of them all going in right now makes her remember that if she hurries, she could slip in with them and perhaps remain unnoticed. Then she would wait and watch and make certain she got closer to him than the others. Racing around the front,. she is immensely pleased as the last of the bevy of chattering beauties enters the shop and she makes certain she is right on their tail and enters as the last of the string of lady visitors
  As usual, the bevy makes its presence known with their bright dresses, their shrill staccato voices and their instant latching onto Kellington, ignoring the other three men who stand behind the counter with Morna. The other men seem to enjoy Kellís look of discomfort, bringing their combined breakfast into the shoppe so they can eat within sight of the ladies.
  One lady in her brilliant finery claims the chair to Kellingtonís right; the one called David sits to his left. She contents herself with sitting as close to him as possible, watching him with adoration in her large, dark eyes from the table where the men called Lexi and Zack are seated. With dainty motions she samples the food before her, listening to the brightly animated chatter of the woman beside Kellington. The apprentice mage looks decidedly uncomfortable as the lady lays her hand on his sleeve, a light trill of laughter comes in response to his blush.
  Tossing his napkin on the table, the tall, solid mage stands and retreats to the sanctuary of the back room, accompanied by a chorus of disappointed feminine voices. She is not happy to be bereft of his presence, getting close to the double swinging doors before Morna shoos her away from the door and sends her on her way with the other ladies out the front door. For a moment, she watches the ladies pout and head off down the street, but she is not as easily defeated as the others. Turning, she goes behind the little shoppe, and lo and behold, the rear door opens and out walks Kellington, running his large hand through his hair in frustration.

"Iím tellin ya David, itís not funny.... they always are lurking in the market anymore when I leave.. they shadow me to class when I head off to the Academy.." he turns, the embarrassment showing in his eyes "I swear they would follow me to the privy if they could."
  The one called David looks to Kell from under the brim of his tall pointed hat. "Sounds like you need to get away from it all. What would you say to sneaking down to the pond and swimming your troubles away?"
  "Sounds great!" Kellington smiles, till he hears the distinct voices of women, heading in this direction. "Damnit, canít they just leave me alone?" he groans, turning about and heading back into the house as the first lady of the bevy shows up around the corner.
  She perks up. While David is scowling at the group of frivilous young women, he had not noticed the back door was still ajar. Silently, she approaches the open door, slipping inside unnoticed by the chattering women as well as the man in the hat who is trying his best to discourage their future visits. Skimming down the hall, she stops when she hears the matronly voice of Morna, their adopted mom.
  "Kellington, dear, you look like you do need a soak in the tub. I had filled it with water do do the wash in, but I think you need some time alone relaxing. Go on, take a bath and youíll feel better." Morna gives him a small motherly hug, "I will bring you a clean towel in a little while."
  He hugs her back with relief and gratitude for her understanding. "Thanks, mom. I will try not to take all day." Striding up the hall, he stops at the door of the washroom and moves inside. "I never knew a bath could look so good."
  Morna watches as Kellington moves off down the hall, followed by a shadow haunting his footsteps.. By the time she gets to the washing chamber, the tall man is busy stripping off his clothes, anticipating a relaxing soak in the tub.
  She stops by the door, watching the other with bright eyes as he prepares for his bath. "Too bad for the others," she thinks. "I get him all to myself....." Now she goes sailing over to Kellís side and he looks to her and smiles, his clothes now gone.
  "Youíve been around all morning ." he grins. "Now that youíre here, you might as well stay." he chuckles stepping into the bath. He closes his eyes and smiles happily, relaxing in the tub. She hovers near, resting for a moment on his head before flitting over to the windowsill and perching a moment to see David finally convince the women to go home.
  She sticks out her tongue as she looks out the window. "Yes, Ladies, be jealous of me, for he is mine... I get to be with him where ever he goes," she thinks. "Even now, you all wish you were me, I have heard you say so...." flits to the pretty papered wall and lands on it sticking fast. Smug, she watches the last of them leave and she thinks: Sometimes it IS good to be a fly on the wall.