Just Tag

by Kyuuketsuki

He was bone tired after he finished his practice with Tan. He shook his head as his mind ran over the sparring lesson. Tan was a tough teacher but he certainly knew what he was doing. And Whiteraven was nearly always there too, at first it was odd to think of Whiteraven and Tan as a couple but it really wasn’t that bad anymore. In fact, it was sweet that they had each other. His mother never had that special somebody who would love her forever like Tan and Whiteraven did.
  I sighed and stretched, my arms stiff and sore, as I make my way towards the lake nearby. Might as well take a quick dip to wash the sweat off before I head home to Mom, I think, slipping off my boots by the water’s edge. Stripping off my clothes I slide into the water, a breath whistling past my lips. “Ah, that feels good, just a quick soak to relax my muscles too.” Ducking my head under the surface I open my eyes to gaze at the life in the lake. Tiny fish swim past me as I stir up the water, a smile on my lips. Pushing up for air I tug my hair out of my face.

  “Lexi!” Turning towards my shouted name I grin and wave at David as he runs over to the lake, his hat held to his head with both hands. Panting as he reaches the water he doubles over, hands resting on his knees. Tilting his head upwards a bit he shakes a finger at me, “You were supposed to wait for me at Whiteraven fields Lexi or did you forget?” Swimming to the shallower end of the lake I grin shamelessly up at him. “You forgot didn’t you?”

  Shaking my head I murmur, “Nope, you were late so I decided I’d take a dip in the lake, today’s lesson was hard and I worked up quite a sweat.”
  Dropping his hat to the grass David shrugs, “Well I might as well join you than, then we can head to you mom’s and get something to eat might sword warrior.” Laughing I push away from the shore as David enters the lake. Splashing a bit he shakes his dark head rapidly, spraying water at everything near him. “So your lesson was hard today was it? Let’s see if you can escape from me after all that tiring work.” Darting after me David sputters as I shove him under water.
  Hand brushing my thigh David bursts through the surface with a gasp, water dripping down his face. Cheeks flushing crimson I paddle away from him, last time he kissed me…I think this time I might return the favor but what would he think? Swimming after me David peers at me through the water, his golden eyes catching my wide emerald ones.
  “Lexi? Are you okay Lexi, you look a bit red in the face.”
  “Lexi! You don’t mind if Whiteraven and I join you and your friend do you?” Glancing up at Tan’s voice I shake my head at his question grateful of the interruption to the tension between David and myself. Shedding their clothing rapidly the two older men glide sedately into the lake with barely a ripple. Tucking his mane of blue-black hair behind an ear Tan murmurs, “I hope we aren’t interrupting anything by joining you.”
  Shaking my head wildly I reply, “Nope, nothing at all, we were just playing around.”
  “What were you playing, perhaps we might be allowed to join you?” Whiteraven’s silken voice inquires.
  “Just tag Whiteraven and David was it.”
  “I was?” Nodding I take the opportunity to swim away from him, my heart pounding in my chest. Sighing David mutters, “Fine, I was it.” Turning to Tan he grins evilly, “Better swim fast or I’ll catch you.”
  Hurrying through the trees I ignore David behind me, mind set on reaching town before I return to the thoughts I was having before Tan joined us. Jogging up to me David grabs my arm, “Lexi, what’s wrong? You don’t seem like you want to be near me. Did I do something wrong?”
  Freezing as his hand touches my skin I flush and mutter some nonsensical response to his questions. Pulling away from him I try to run but his other hand has me now. “David,” I whine, “Mother expects me home, I have to go.”
  Whirling me around to face him he frowns, “Lexi, she expected you home an hour ago, one minute won’t change her worry, now tell me what’s wrong.”
  “No-nothing’s wrong David,” I stutter trying to back away from him. Back hitting a tree I tug at my arm. “I have to get home to Mom David,” I repeat, still pulling at my arm.
  “Not until you tell me what’s wrong, a few more minutes won’t matter when you get home to her safely.”
  “Lexi,” he echoes, concern and anger warring for control in his eyes. Reaching up with my free hand I brush my fingertips over his jaw.
  “David, I have to get home to Mother,” I whisper as I close the distance between the two of us, lips meeting his in a gentle kiss.
  Hands on her hips my mother glares at the two of us when we finally show up, “Where have you two been? You’re two hours late.”
Hugging her tightly I murmur, “We were just playing tag Mum.”