Ollis' poem

by Maggie

Ollis as he sits with a bottle and ponders life in general...:
  When a man gets married, he wants a good life,
  all I get is crap, (swig) and a mouse for a wife.
  I thought that when she gave me a son,
  my life might get better, but those dreams were undone. (swig)
  She gives me a lad who is puny and weak,
  And he keeps his hair long, like a girl! Like a freak!
  (swig) I wanted Lexi different, treat him mean so he's tough,
  but no matter what I does, it's not good enough. (swig)
  So I get good and drunk, and I smacks them around!
  It makes me feel better when they look up from the ground.
  But then that damned mouse of a wife that I got
  Takes the lad and they runs, (swig) like they wouldn't get caught.
  But I'll finds them I will, and then when I do,
  I'll make them both pay for what they put me through.
  I'll make you pay, Morna, there'll be no one to save
  you or my son, from a well deserved grave.